Michael Hardy

Date Title Publication  
February 23. 2022 The Texas Wine Industry Is Just Getting Started. Grape Farmers Say the End Is Near. Texas Monthly
April 25. 2018 The Battle of the Blue Cat Café Texas Monthly
January 24. 2018 Big Trouble in Little Cambodia Texas Observer
December 16. 2017 The Two-Billion-Dollar Buyer Texas Monthly
November 8. 2017 The Impossible City Texas Observer
July 26. 2017 Country Revival Texas Monthly
February 4. 2017 Houston, We Have a Party Playboy
January 5. 2017 Blood and Sugar Texas Monthly
August 31. 2016 The Crazy College of Qatar The New Republic
June 27. 2016 Gold Rush Texas Monthly
March 2. 2011 Letter from Sri Lanka The American Scholar
February 23. 2022 Brazoria County Is Poised to Elect Its First Black Congressman. Not Everyone Is Happy About It. Texas Monthly
November 8. 2021 After Astroworld, a Reckoning for Music Festivals Texas Monthly
July 23. 2021 Pecos Jane Has a Name Texas Monthly
May 1. 2021 Elon Musk’s SpaceX Site Has Turned Tiny Boca Chica Into a Tourist Attraction Texas Highways
March 1. 2021 A Texas Agency is Defending the Confederacy Texas Observer
January 28. 2021 Slab is Houston's Distinctive Contribution to American Car Culture Texas Highways
December 3. 2020 A Bad Cop's Best Friend? Texas Monthly
November 29. 2020 The Webs of Covid-Related Caution Tape Across London
August 1. 2020 Trump Administration’s Rollback of Chemical Disaster Rule Threatens Communities, First Responders Sierra Magazine
June 8. 2020 ‘That Was Someone’s Son’: Thousands Pay Respects to Floyd The Daily Beast
June 1. 2020 The Webs of Covid-Related Caution Tape Across London WIRED
May 1. 2020 Less Is More as an Art Museum Reopens The New York Times
December 14. 2019 Damn, It Feels Good to Be a Councilman Texas Monthly
December 3. 2018 The Other O'Keeffe Texas Monthly
July 24. 2018 30-Foot Painting of the K.K.K. Puts a Museum to the Test The New York Times
March 28. 2017 Rigged Election? Dispute at Texas A&M Has Even Rick Perry Chiming In The New York Times
March 9. 2017 In Fight Over Bail's Fairness, a Sheriff Joins the Critics The New York Times
November 20. 2016 The Redneck Tenor Texas Monthly
October 18. 2016 What Happens When A President Puts His Opponent In Jail Vox
August 9. 2016 The Statue of Frivolity Texas Monthly
May 27. 2016 Too Big to Fail? Notre Dame Business Magazine
April 26. 2016 The Next Mission Rice Magazine
April 26. 2016 America's Other Great Depression Brandeis Magazine
April 26. 2016 Potholes, Pensions, and Politics Harvard Magazine
March 2. 2016 Let's Get Ready to Rassle Texas Monthly
February 8. 2016 Rowdy Electricity Salesmen Texas Monthly
January 27. 2016 An Exclusive Interview with Tooraj Faridi, Houstonian Pardoned by Obama TexasMonthly.com
November 13. 2015 Sanctuary City Texas Monthly
October 14. 2015 Is David Eagleman Neuroscience's Carl Sagan? TexasMonthly.com
August 6. 2015 Mr. Bryan's Magical History Tour Texas Monthly
June 1. 2015 Into the Wild Houstonia
March 30. 2015 Learning to Love the Astros Again Houstonia
March 23. 2015 Ted Cruz's Big Announcement Puts Houston at Center of 2016 Republican Primaries Houstonia
March 9. 2015 Richard Willson: The Wizard of University Park Houstonia
March 1. 2015 Along Holman Street, the Past, Present, and Future of the Third Ward Houstonia
November 30. 2014 Is This Man the Greatest Living Native American Artist? Houstonia
November 12. 2014 What's the Matter with Houston? Houstonia
August 3. 2014 The Return of the Neighborhood School Houstonia
June 2. 2014 Crossfit Confidential Houstonia
June 1. 2014 The 5-Star Resort in the Middle of the Jungle: Sri Lanka's Heritance Kandalama Houstonia
April 30. 2014 Millionaire Matchmaker, Make Me a Match Houstonia
April 14. 2014 Review: Das Rheingold Kicks Ring Cycle Off With Bang Houstonia
April 10. 2014 Das Rheingold: Behind the Scenes Houstonia
April 7. 2014 One Ring To Rule Them All Houstonia
April 1. 2014 The Sam Houston Race Park is Decadent and Depraved Houstonia
March 14. 2014 Oscar Wilde in Houston Houstonia
March 3. 2014 Auto Immunity Houstonia
December 1. 2013 24 Hours at the Galleria Houstonia
November 27. 2013 Nice: Luc Tuymans Houstonia
November 1. 2013 For Better or Curse Houstonia
September 30. 2013 Sands of Enchantment Houstonia
July 5. 2013 The Loyal Opposition: Bill Stern Houstonia
June 3. 2013 Private 'I' Notre Dame Business Magazine
June 1. 2013 Epidemic of Silence Houstonia
June 2. 2012 A Gathering Storm Houstonia
February 1. 2011 Editor with an Edge The Alcalde
December 26. 2010 On a small island, a gigantic talent grew Boston Globe
April 4. 2010 Poverty In Sri Lanka The Sunday Leader
November 27. 2009 Tissainayagam: A Travesty of Justice? The Sunday Leader
October 24. 2009 The Prison System: Overcrowded And Corrupt The Sunday Leader
December 9. 2007 Page Turner The Boston Globe
November 19. 2006 Blending In The Boston Globe
August 20. 2006 Breathe Deep, Play Well: Can Yoga Aid Music Study? The Boston Globe
January 8. 2006 The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr Houston Chronicle
October 30. 2005 NOLA Folk Artist Big Al Starts Over Here The Houston Chronicle
July 10. 2005 The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco The Houston Chronicle
June 26. 2005 Lance Armstrong's War by Daniel Coyle Houston Chronicle